Mar 17, 2011

Ep. 2011-8: Japan Nuclear, Christmas Island Detention Centre Protests

Broadcast on 17th March 2011 at 9-9.30am on 2SER 107.3fm in Sydney.
With Simon Unwin and Jessica Minshall
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Japan Nuclear Disaster - Fukishima Daiichi Plants
As we try to follow day-by-day how the
containment attempt is progressing – in the midst of this broader natural disaster - it is important to highlight Australia’s part, by tracing the fuel source back to Australian uranium mines at Olympic Dam in South Australia and Ranger in the Northern Territory. Third Degree's Jessica Minshall speaks with Dr Jim Green is National Nuclear Campaigner with Friends of the Earth Australia. He is critical of the long history of mismanagement and cover-up by TEPCO and the Japanese Government – and of the Australian Government’s continuing exportation of uranium to Japan without appropriate safety conditions.

Christmas Island Breakout and Crackdown
On Friday around 150 of the detainees at Christmas Island’s immigration detention centre broke out of their prison and roamed the island freely and peacefully. That all came to an end late on Saturday when Immigration staff, Serco private security forces and the Australian Federal Police began to act on the media perception that they’d ‘lost control’ by cracking down on around 20 people they saw as 'ringleaders', sparking a riot inside the centre. The AFP deployed weapons including tear gas and 'beanbag' rounds – which, it was revealed this week, contain lead shot wrapped in fabric. Third Degree's Simon Unwin speaks with Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition to get an update on the situation.

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