Mar 31, 2011

Ep. 2011-10: Repression in Honduras

Broadcast 31st March 9-9.30am on 2SER 107.3fm in Sydney.
With Jessica Minshall and guest Rosie Wong.

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Rosie Wong is a member of Friends of the Earth Sydney and Australians for a Democratic Honduras. In February she returned after two months as an international observer to the political persecutions and human rights abuses occurring in Honduras since the military coup in 2009.
She spent her time in Honduras interviewing people from many different groups from teachers, to glbti identifing, to indigenous to feminists, who have all become targets in Honduras.
This is a small selection of some of these interviews. The selected audio focuses on the repression felt on a daily basis, the removal of campesinos rights to their lands, the increased production of biofuels and the move towards establishing 'model cities'- which are privatised states not subject to the laws of Honduras.

Rosie's articles from her time in Honduras can be found here.

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