Mar 4, 2010

Ep. 94 International Women's Day Special

Aired on 2ser 4th March 2010

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Aldermaston Blockade
Thanks to dissident island radio in London for this story about the recent Aldermaston Big Blockade, which temporarily shut down a nuclear weapons facility in the UK. More info:,,

Murders in Juarez
In the top north of Mexico lies Juarez, A city that for 17 years has been the site of over 400 brutal murders of women. Women are specifically targeted, usually young women who work in the cheap labour factories. Many are sexually assaulted, many mutilated – their cases not properly investigated, and their families left without any real justice.

Without serious police investigations mothers are left to speculate on the motives of so many killings, serial killers have been feared – and some people believe these killings have formed initiation rites for new drug cartel members.

The Sydney Action for Juarez group is a response to an international call out for support. The 3rd Degree's Jess Minshall spoke to Andrea Ballesteros from the group.

Rally: This Saturday at Town Hall, 11am – look for the Sydney Action group for Juarez banner.

F Conference
Coming soon to Sydney is the feminist conference F: A festival, A conference, A future. The 3rd Degree's Libby spoke with Claire Nemorin, feminist, woman of colour and part of the collective organising the gathering.

The conference takes place on the 10th and 11th of April at the Teacher's Federation building, 39-41 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills. More info:

Key forces for Climate Action Conference - tomorrow!
As concerns about climate change come to the fore, new issues and discussions are beginning to permeate the public consciousness. New debates and polarities about policy, approach and justice are emerging.

The Key Forces for Climate Action conference will start by posing some of these polarities, generating debate and dialogue. Across four panels, discussions will take place about policy, structures, justice and strategy, debating different experiences and possibilities.

Ariel Salleh is a writer, activist and political economy lecturer at Sydney University, and will be speaking the conference in the high-tech growth and low-tech sufficiency panel. She caught up with the 3rd Degree's Libby King

Conference details: 9am to 6pm tomorrow Friday the 5th of March.Lecture Theatre 024, New Law School, University of Sydney. RSVP:

Profile piece: Ruth Rosenhek
Originally from Canada, Ruth Rosenhek has been working in Australia for over 13 years as an environmental and social justice activist and educator. She is also the director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Lismore, a not for profit volunteer organisation dedicated to the protection of the Earth's remaining rainforests. She spoke to 3rd Degree's Katherine Lim.

More info:

Presenters: Jess and Libby

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