Mar 1, 2010

Ep.93 BREAKING NEWS: Muckaty announced as nuclear dump site

Download here: Ep.93 Muckaty (NT) announced as nuclear dump site

Aired on 2ser 107.3fm on 25 Febraury 2010.
Presented by Libby King and Hannah Walters, featuring new 3rd Degree reporter Clare Kelly

The show begins with Dianne Stokes, a traditional owner of the land known as Muckaty Station. Dianne is a proud Warlmanpa woman who has been speaking against the federal governments plan to dump toxic, radioactive waste on her land without consultation or consent.

On 23 February, Muckaty Station (120km north of Tennant Creek, NT) was announced as the preferred site for a low to medium level radioactive waste dump. Martin Ferguson, Federal Minister for Resources and Energy, let it slip on ABC Darwin radio that the three other Howard-nominated sites were no longer being considered. Days later he introduced the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 to Australian parliament. This new legislation fails to restore procedural fairness and administrative rights to those who oppose the Muckaty site nomination.

On the day of the Muckaty announcement, 2ser's very own independent news show, The Wire, compiled a story introducing the issues involved. We shared this piece with the listeners of 3rd Degree. Many thanks to The Wire producer Shevonne Hunt.

For more on the politics and Labours broken promises, we spoke to Dave Sweeney of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

There is much controversy and dissent around the nomination process and announcement decision. We spoke with Nat Wasley, who has been working alongside Indigenous communities in the NT, about community protest from Muckaty Traditional Owners and also what we can do from here.

This weeks show features three Muckaty Traditional Owners [Dianne Stokes (Yappa Yappa group), Jeanie Sambo (Milwa group), Mark Chungaloo (Milwa group)], Nat Wasley (BeyondNuclearInitiative), Dave Sweeney (ACF), Scott Ludlam (Greens Senator) and Mathew Gardiner (Unions NT).

Please note: the audio of Dianne Stokes, Jeanie Sambo and Mark Chungaloo was previously aired on 3rd Degree on October 1, 2009. The message is still the same -

No waste dump on Muckaty traditional lands.

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