Jan 28, 2010

Ep 89: Sovereignty day, Aboriginal Summit, Wiya Angela Pamela + more!

Download here: Ep 89: Invasion day, Aboriginal Summit, Wiya! Angela-Pamela + more!

The truth about January 26th: Invasion Day

While many across the nation were wearing the union jack and drinking beer, there were other commemorations marking the day of the arrival of the First Fleet and the hositing of the British flag. To the First Peoples of this land (over 500 different language groups), January 26th marks the invasion of their traditional lands and the beginning of 222 years of imposed colonial rule. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra, is a protest camp on the lawns of Old Parliment House that has been publicly declaring sovereignty over the country of the Ngunnawal and Wiradjuri peoples since 1972. Every year there is a march from Canberra city centre to the Tent Embassy. This year the Tent Embassy and its supporters contnued to speak-up for self-determination and recognition of past injustices. On today's show Hannah has a yarn about her visit to the Embassy on this day of remembering.

Yabun Festival was also held on the 26th January as an alternitive celebration known as "Survival Day". Victoria Park, Sydney, became a place to celebrate Indigenous cultues, showcasing the best in Indigenous music, dance, sport, politics, literature, art and craft. Libby went along and gives us the low-down on the grooves of the day.

New Way Summit: Our Way or No Way

Michael Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi people and former Black Power member and one of the original founders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, is organising the New Way Summit: Our Way or No Way to discuss many of the issue facing Aboriginal people today. Some of the issues discussed will include the shutting down of self-determined Aboriginal programs, the quarantining of welfare, the increased presence of police in Indigenous communities and the continued denial of lands rights.

The 3rd Degree's Libby King spoke with Michael Anderson about the upcoming summit, which will bw held in Canberra from January 30th to February 1st. For more info see wgar.info

Wiya! Angela-Pamela

On the outskirts of Alice Springs, Canadian mining giant CAMECO is planning to build a massive Uranium mine. The mining lease is called "Angela-Pamela". In opposition to the proposed mine, a well-known Alice band Super Raelene Bros have teamed up with Western Arranta and Luritja musicans - 'the Little Sisters Collective' - to release their debut single WIYA! ANGELA-PAMELA Spoken mostly in language ("Wiya" meaning "No"), this funky mix of beats and sweet harmony can be downloaded at: myspace.com/superraelenebrothers

Help this protest song spread around the country. Vote for it in the final stage of the JJJ unearthered charts: register at triplejunearthed.com, search for "Wiya", play and review. Request airplay on JJJ (TripleJ Request 1300 0555 36, SMS 1975 7 555) and your local radio station too!

Presenters: Hannah Walters and Libby King

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