Jan 21, 2010

Ep. 88 International year of biodiversity

First aired on 2SER 21/01/2010

Download here: Episode 88. International year of biodiversity and Himalayn Glaiers

Year of Biodiversity

2010 is the UN International year of Biodiversity! However, biodiversity and environmental protection are being seriously underfunded by the Australian government.

Last year a CSIRO report on Australia’s Biodiversity and Climate Change found that the environment is suffering from decades of low levels of capital investment in protecting biodiversity.

The Third Degree's Libby King with Dr Mark Stafford Smith, science director with CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation flagship and one of the authors of the report.

Himalayan glaciers

This week The Australian newpaper ran a story about mistake the 2007 IPCC report regarding the specific date the report suggested the Himalayan glaciers will have disappeared. Whilst the media uses this as an excuse to question the need to take action on climate change, the harsh reality for many in Nepal and Tibet is increasing danger due to glaciers melting and their lakes collapsing and flooding towns and villages.

Six months ago, The Third Degree's James and Nick spoke with Pemba Dorje Sherpa, the world record holder of the faster climb of mount everest, Prakash Sharma from Pro Public Nepal, and Damien Lawson from the Friends of the Earth Australia about the situation in the Himalayas.

Invasion Day Events

Next Tuesday, the 26th of January marks the anniversary of the arrival of British explorers in Australia. It is known to many of us as Invasion day because that land was occupied at the time and because of the subsequent destruction and hurt caused to the sovereign people of this land. Head down to Canberra on the 26th and spend the day at the Aboriginal tent embassy outside old Parliament house. There will be speakers, music and a march to new parliament house.

You could also head along to Woggan-ma-gule morning ceremony in Sydney, which honours the traditional Gadigal custodians of the Eora Nation. Woggan-ma-gule takes place in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, overlooking Farm Cove, at 8am. Also happening in Sydney is Yabun 2010. Yabun is a Festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Victoria Park, from 10am-6pm.

Presenters: James Hitchcock and Libby King

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