Dec 16, 2009

Ep. 85 Copenhagen Special!

Aired on 2SER 107.3FM 17 December 2009

Ep. 85 Copenhagen Special!


- Tadzio Mueller, protest coordinator, preemptively detained
- All Friends of the Earth delegates denied access to the Bella Centre
- Reclaim Power protest underway, tear gas is out, people are injured and medics are being arrested
- 100s being shipped to an ad hoc climate protestors prison

This week's show...

We hear from the Tuvaluan delegate, organisers of Reclaim Power from the majority world, organising to reclaim climate justice, and Tom Goldtooth from the Indigenous Environment Network in the US.

Presented by Tessa Dowdell

And don't forget, your chance to mobilise around Copenhagen tonight:

5pm Thursday 17 December
Martin Place
Our Priority: Survival


Ryan said...

Hurray Tessa. You are great. Keep radioing it up good.

Blue Mountains Nuclear Free Group said...

Great work Tessa ... there in solidarity with you. Nat Lowrey x