Dec 10, 2009

Ep. 84 PNG LNG Project Raises Questions, Copenhagen in Chaos + Wiya! Angela-Pamela

Aired on 2SER 107.3 10 December 2009

Ep. 84 PNG LNG Scandal, Copenhagen in Chaos + Wiya! Angela-Pamela

PNG LNG Project Raises Questions

Papua New Guinea looks set to embark on its most ambitious natural resource project yet after news this week that the PNG Natural Gas project has had it’s final investment decision approved.

While the 15 billion dollar project has been predicted to bring considerable wealth to the country, potentially doubling its GDP, NGOs have questioned whether ordinary Papua New Guineans will actually see any the benefits from the project, as Flint Duxfield reports.

Copenhagen in Chaos

Just days into the conference we've been waiting for all year, the Copenhagen round of UN Climate Negotiations has delegates up in arms and fuming. A pre-emptive final negotiation document was leaked yesterday, allegedly authored by host country Denmark, showing an intent to bypass the slow negotiations processes to deliver a unified face at the end of the conference.

The revelation was met with considerable protest, particularly from African delegates, outraged at injustice and powerplays as their homelands and people are dying. James Hitchcock reports.

Wiya! Angela-Pamela

Less than 20kms from Alice Springs Canadian miner CAMECO wants to mine uranium from the ‘Angela-Pamela’ deposit. When the seasonal dust-storms blow from the south, the Indigenous communities of Amoonguna, Anthepe, Karnte, and Ilparpa are likely to be the first to swallow radioactive nucleides carried by the dust and wind. Unbelievably, Angela-Pamela is located within Alice Springs’ precious and fragile water-catchment.

In opposition to the mine, well known Alice band Super Raelene Bros. have teamed up with Western Arrarnta and Luritja musicians – ‘the Little Sisters Collective’ – to release their debut single WIYA! ANGELA PAMELA. Hannah Walters caught up with Basil from the Super Raelene Brothers, and you can check out more of their funky tunes here:

Presented by Tessa Dowdell and James Hitchcock

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