Jun 5, 2009

Ep. 58 Greens oppose CPRS, Shell on trial, Carteret Evacuation + more

Aired on 2SER June 4 2009

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Greens negotiate on emissions trading scheme

The Greens have announced that they’re ready to sit down with the Government to negotiate on the Emissions Trading Scheme. But they want a minimum target of 25%, not the 5% the Government has committed to. The Opposition and Independent Senators want the bill delayed, so with the ball in his court, Greens Leader Bob Brown is standing firm. The 3rd Degree's Nick Hollins reports.

Shell on trial

In 1995 Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed for speaking out against the oil industry in Nigeria. 14 years later the Saro-Wiwa family is taking multinational oil giant Shell to court for crimes against humanity. It's only the third time a multinational corporation has been on trial, and The 3rd Degree's Tessa Dowdell talks to Nnimmo Bassey from Energy Resources Action Nigeria, as well as Benjamin Norfolk from Remember Saro Wiwa. The case continues to hang in the balance through delays but the jury is due to be selected this week.

Carterets due for evacuation

Low-lying pacific islands the Carteret Islands are being swept away by rising sea levels. The islanders, who have not themselves contributed to climate change, tragically need to relocate by November, and The 3rd Degree's Libby King spoke to Ursula Rakova from Tuele Peisa.

Presenters: libby king and tessa dowdell

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