May 21, 2009

Ep. 56 Porgera up in Flames, Tamil Tales, Solar Stations + CPRS

Aired on 2SER 21 May 2009

Porgera up in Flames

Right now, 5000 Papua New Guineans from Pogera, a village in the highlands 600km northwest of Port Moresby, are homeless. In April 200 PNG troops stormed the village and burned the local landowners’ houses to the ground under “Operation Ilpili”. A link has been reported between the operation and the Porgera Gold mine, owned by Barrick Gold, which is just a few hundred metres away from the village and which has caused significant damage to the local environment and trauma to the local people. The 3rd Degree’s Tessa Dowdell spoke to Natalie Lowrey, National Liaison officer for Friends of the Earth Australia. For more information, head to or

Tamil Tigers lay down Arms

After decades of fighting a war of resistance against the Sri Lankan Government, the Tamil Tigers have laid down their arms. The remaining rebels say they took this action to remove any excuse for the Government to kill more people. Many thousands have died during the Government’s offensive; and despite international calls for restraint, they appear determined to wipe them out for good – with the rebels caught in a patch of jungle only a kilometer wide. The 3rd Degree's Nick Hollins reports.

CPRS hits the Lower House

Last Thursday, the controversial Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was introduced in parliament. The version of the scheme that was released included a number of amendments that rendered it an even more ineffective response to climate change. These amendments were announced only two weeks ago, and included an increase in permits to polluting industries and a reduction in the price of carbon for the first year of the scheme. The 3rd degree’s Libby King spoke to Nature Conservation Council Climate Change campaigner, Wenny Theresia.

4zzz Goes Solar

Brisbane community radio station 4ZZZ now runs entirely on solar power. The initiative to go green is partly helped by the fact that Brisbane has a Solar Feed-in-Tariff Scheme. This scheme provides payments for electricity produced by homes or small businesses, when their output is fed back into the electricity grid. Queensland is one out of three states that has already commenced the scheme, with other states and territories to follow. Featured in story: Zuzanna Napieralski; sponsorship and promotions co-ordinator 4ZZZ, Ian Dunlop; Fellow at the Centre for Policy Development and Fiona Wain, CEO, Environment Business Australia. Produced by The Wire's Paige Nguyen.

Events Upcoming

An Invitation to a Critical Discussion about the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Negotiations
Thursday May 21 6:00pm
Level 1, 79 Myrtle St, Chippendale, Sydney

Eco-Interventions Forum: Green Activism
Tuesday 26 May 5:30pm
U@MQ Staff Club, Macquarie University
Come and hear a lively discussion between Simon Sheikh and Nicholas Mueller on the topic of green activism whilst enjoying a drink and some hors d'oeuvres.

Presenters: Nick Hollins and Tessa Dowdell

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