May 14, 2009

Ep. 55 Budget, protests in parliament, slam poet + more

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Budget Time!

Tuesday night we saw the release of this year’s budget for 2009/10, the second budget for the Rudd government and treasurer Wayne Swan. There has been a mixed community response towards the various elements of this year’s budget, but yesterday during Swan’s post-budget address one community group managed to make their views quite clear.

Two women jumped on a table during the speech in the great hall of Parliament House, while another group locked themselves together in a circle in the main foyer and two protesters abseiled from the front Parliament House, hanging a banner. They were protesting the government’s response to the threat of climate change, both in the budget and in the controversial carbon pollution reduction scheme, due to be released in parliament today.

The third degree’s Alex Blucher spoke to Rising Tide spokesperson Steve Phillips.

Libby King also spoke to Friends of the Earth Campaigns Co-ordinator, Cam Walker, to get the lowdown on all environmental aspects of the budget.

Poetry: Lifestyle Choice

At the G20 In London in April this year, protesters filled the streets and literally set up camp in the heart of the city. With tents, marquees and music, Climate Camp UK reclaimed the streets in front of the European Climate Exchange.

Maintaining the festive spirit within the blockade was one colourful poet Danny Chivers. Danny is an environmental analyst, activist and award-winning slam poet. His hilarious poem “Lifestyle Choice” contrasts the tensions between personal change and social change, and was performed amidst the chaos of Climate Camp G20. For more information about and to hear other poems from Danny, visit

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