Oct 13, 2008

Ep. 23 - NSW coal expansion and more

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Ep. 23 - NSW coal expansion, Garnaut report, NT uranium mine at Angela-Pamela, Polluting environmentalists and Rising Tide meet Kevin Rudd.

Aired on 2ser Oct 2nd

This week's guest is Bev Smiles from the Mudgee District Environment Group, who provides an overview of current coal mining in NSW, and in particular Xstrata's record.

The burning issue is Garnaut:
The federal government's chief climate advisor, Professor Ross Garnaut handed his final report over to Kevin Rudd on Tuesday, and received some very mixed reviews from global warming experts.
Featured in story: Bob Brown - Australian Greens leader, Anna Rose – GetUp climate campaigner and Roger Jones - Principal research scientist of CSIRO
Produced by Michelle Watts.

NT Intervention uranium and rally
On Tuesday it was revealed that Uranium mining company Cameco has been granted a uranium exploration license for Angela - Pamela, a site located just 25km from the heart of Alice Springs. The federal government’s decision has incensed many locals who believe uranium mining could pose a direct threat to the safety of the community and its water supply.
Dr Hilary Tyler from Medical Association For the Prevention of War, is at the convergence at Alice Springs protesting against the continued NT Invervention and the impact it’s having on the communities there.
The Third Degree’s James Hitchcock spoke with her about the license approval.

Polluting environmentalists
Recent research in the UK has found people who feel they lead the most sustainable lifestyles are actually causing the most environmental damage.
According to a survey of 200 people done by Exeter University, people who regularly recycle and save energy at home are also the most likely to take frequent long distance flights.
Dr. Phil McManus is a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney Geography department. He has been doing related research into the tensions between discourses of sustainable cities and the practices of Neoliberalism. He spoke with the Third Degree’s Libby King.

Rising Tide meets with K RUDD
A Community Cabinet session was held in Newcastle this week, giving the locals a chance to voice concerns to the federal government. And, as ever, there were climate change demonstrations. A few people had short meetings with Kevin Rudd and the Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong.
The Third Degree’s James Hitchcock spoke with Georgina Woods from Rising Tide Newcastle about her meeting with the PM Kevin Rudd.

Presenters: Jessica Minshall and Nick Hollins

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