Oct 13, 2008

Ep. 24 Alice Springs Convergence and more

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Ep. 24 Alice Springs Convergence, Greens Radioactive Waste Dump legislation, Carben Offset watch and Green Jobs.

Aired on 2ser October 9th

This week's guest is Hannah Walters who reports-back on the convergence in Alice Springs against the NT Intervention.

Greens Dump legislation
With the ALP election promise to repeal the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act, you'd be forgiven for thinking that debate over a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory is no longer relevant.
However nearly a year into the Rudd government's term, the act is still in place. Two weeks ago the Greens senator Scott Ludlam introduced a bill to repeal this act. The Third Degree’s James Hitchcock spoke with Senator Ludlam.

Carbon Offset Watch
You may ride a bicycle to work and have switched to GreenPower at home, without realising there are other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.
More than 50 carbon offset schemes exist, but how do you find what project is sustainbable for you.
‘Carbon Offset Watch’ is a website that ranks Australia’s carbon offset retailers and Anne von Fehrn spoke to one its founders, Dr Chris Riedy from the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

Green Jobs
Workers in the U.S. are swapping jobs in polluting industries for new ‘green-collar’ jobs in the emerging clean economy.
And in Australia, several pilot programs have started which focus on youth in coal-affected communities like the Hunter Valley.
This feature is produced by Jessica Minshall and Holly Creenaune. We speak to program co-ordinators, young workers and hear from researchers exploring the potential for green employment.

Presenters: Libby King and Jessica Minshall

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