Jan 27, 2011

Ep. 2011-1: INVASION DAY 2011

Broadcast Thursday 27th January 2011 9-9.30am on 2SER 107.3fm Sydney
With Simon Unwin and Jessica Minshall
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Yabun Festival, Victoria Park Sydney - 26th January 2011

For nine years the Yabun festival has been held in Victoria Park, near Sydney University, as day of celebration of indigenous culture, music, dance and sport.

This year there was also a protest held at The Block in Redfern, which then marched to the festival, and Forums held in Speak Out tents at the park.

The third degree crew were there to record some of those speeches and talks.
Many of the issues raised by Aboriginal people from all parts of Australia were to do with the ongoing Federal Government’s ‘Northern Territory Intervention’ that saw the military go into Aboriginal communities, and more than three years later continues to deprive human rights through income management,

Featured here are the voices of:
- Aunty Norma, from La Perouse
- Aunty Valerie Napaljarra Martin from Yuendemu (300km from Alice Springs)
-Graham Merritt, a Western Australian Aboriginal man
- Aunty Shirley Lomas
- Bruce, an Aboriginal man from NSW who was in the crowd

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