Jul 22, 2010

Ep 20. The G8 the G20 and Justice

First to air on 2ser 17 July 2010
Hosted by James

How did the group of 8 and group of 20 nations come about and what do they do? Why have they chosen to ignore existing forums such as the united nations? And why have such meetings elicited such huge mass mobilizations where ever they have taken place around the world.

The latest meeting of the G20 took place in Toronto in June, as usual there were huge protests, broad breaches of civil rights and a policing operation that reportedly costs up to $2billion. Ahead of this meeting, Canadian civil society group, the Council of Canadias, organized a forum “shout out for global justice”. This morning we will hear audio from to talks from that forum, courtesy of
 the Council of Canadians and Rabbletv.

You will here talks from Naomi Klien, author, activist and journalist talking about the formation of G20, as well as Vandana Shiva, Author and founder of the Nandanya environmental justice organization in India. She talks about the agenda of the G20 forum and the need to resist and call for justice.

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