Jun 30, 2010

Ep 110. Resources Super Profit Tax and G20 in Toronto, Canada

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First to air: 01/07/2010
Presented by James and Libby

Resources Super Profits Tax

Julia Gillard has been meeting with mining executives over the past couple of days to negotiate further about the Resources Super Profit Tax. Mining companies have said that the proposed 40 percent tax rate is unreasonable. But how this could even work is uncertain, as the resources tax was expected to contribute over $1 billion in revenue to the budgets of 2012 and 2013.

The Third Degrees Libby King caught up with John Hepburn from Greenpeace to discuss what the resources tax under Rudd might have looked like, and how may change in the future.

Toronto G20 Summit

Canada played host to a meeting of the G20. The G20 has been described as a meeting of leaders from the richest and most powerful nations, as well as leaders and elites from selected southern countries. Remarkably during the summit, this week the executives of the world’s richest corporations were also given a seat alongside prime ministers and presidents in deciding the G20’s global economic agenda.

Democracy Now have been covering the summit in depth and on the show we played an interview Amy Gooman conducted with Indigenous leader Art Manuel, former Chief of the Neskonlith Band in British Columbia and spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade, joins us to talk about the struggle for indigenous rights and sovereignty in the context of the G20 summit. Visit Democracynow.com for the full interview and more coverage of the G20 summit.

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