May 20, 2010

Ep. 104 Southern NSW Forests Special

Aired on 2SER 107.3FM 20 May 2010

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Well we have some breaking news for you today, fresh from the earliest hours of this morning. That’s right, at 3:15am this morning the Riverina Red Gums Agreement passed through the upper house of state parliament, protecting 100 000Ha of forests. The ayes had it 21-6 in a dramatic win and while The 3rd Degree's bleary-eyed reporter Tessa Dowdell wasn't able to report live, she had compiled some info on the rollercoaster it took to get there. In this report: Carmel Flint, spokesperson for the National Parks Association, and Henry Atkinson, Walithika Elder and Professor from Monash University.

But tucked away in the south-east corner of NSW, it's not all good news for the forests. The Mumbulla Forests are being logged illegally (as was the case with the Red Gums til 3am this morning), so find out more in this groovy piece by our very own Hannah Walters. In this report: Harriet Swift, coordinator of CHIPSTOP campaign group, Gemma, a supporter from Sydney, and homegrown, original protest music with thanks to The Koala Anthem Chorus, Bega Chamber Orcestra and Tathra Womens choir and Blockade the Musical.

Presented by James Hitchcock and Tessa Dowdell

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