Mar 18, 2010

Ep 96. Muckaty Traditional Owners say "No Waste Dump", Tennant Creek public meeting, National Anti-Nuke Strategy Meeting and more!

Click to Download: Ep 96. Muckaty Traditional Owners say "No Waste Dump", Tennant Creek public meeting, National Anti-Nuke Strategy Meeting and more!

Aired on 2ser 107.3 - March 18th

Muckaty Traditional Owners say "No Waste Dump in NT"

The fight continues against the Federal Government's recent move to force a radioactive waste dump on remote Aboriginal land at Muckaty Station. There was a big public meeting in Tennant Creek (120km from Muckaty) on March 3, and on today's show we hear audio recorded from the meeting.

The first speaker is Bunny Napurula, a 79 year old Muckaty Traditional Owner and elder speaking out and dancing up for her mothers country. We also hear from Doris Kelly, another Muckaty Traditional Owner who also wants to protect the land she has a direct family connection with. Dianne Stokes is a voice our listeners may be familiar with. Dianne is a strong Muckaty Traditional Owner (of the Warlmanpa peoples) who has been fighting the waste dump for many years. We hear these three women speak passionately about keeping their traditional lands free from nuclear waste.

We also hear from Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, who spoke in Tennant Creek about the new legislation being rushed through Parliament (National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010) and what the official Senate Inquiry is really like.

National Anti-Nuclear Strategy Meeting - Canberra, 12th March

Our guest in the studio today is Emma from Australian Student Environment Network Nuclear-Free collective. Emma and Libby give us some reportbacks from the big strategy meeting and start answers to the big questions (where to next? what can we do in the cities to fight the waste dump?) - exciting listening!

For more info on the campaign against the waste dump, to donate a bit of dosh or resources, or to send letters and banners of support to the Traditional Owners...
go to OR email natwasley [at]

To hear more audio from the Tennant Creek public meeting...

Things you can do!

Donate - the campaign against waste dump needs funds for transport, so Traditional Owners can travel the hundreds of kilometers to get to senate inquiry meetings and politicans offices.

Protest - keep eyes posted to this blog for details of National Days of Action! Or organise your own event.

Raise your voice - paint a banner to put somewhere public. write a letter to your local MP, to Minister Martin Ferguson, to Minister Peter Garrett. call talk-back radio.

Tell 5 people - write to the local paper/letters page. Tell your friends and family. make it clear that people in the cities will not be ignorant.

Presenters: Hannah Walters and Libby King

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