Sep 2, 2009

Ep 70. Climate Action, the law and more

Episode aired on 2SER 3rd September

Download here: Ep 70. Climate Action, the law and more

This week's guest was Dr Mark Diesendorf, deputy director of the Institue of Environmental Studies at UNSW. He has just released a new book, 'Climate Action: A Campaign Manual for Greenhouse Solutions'. He talked to us about his new book and the importance of the climate movement.
You can find an audio recording and slide show from Book Launch here:

Libby King Spoke with Kirsty Ruddock from the Environmental Defenders Office about the legality of a cases involving climate activist being charged compensation.

And we had the 5th Episode of Camping all the Way to Copenhagen, where we hear from Ollie from Climate Camp Scotland.

Also be sure to head to the Mori Gallery tonight for an Art Auction raising money for climate camp nsw. Details here.

Hosted by James and Libby

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