Aug 13, 2009

Ep 67. The big Melt and Climate Camp Finland

Show first aired on 13th August 2009.

Download here: Ep 67. The big melt and Climate camp finland

Above: Damien, Prakash and Pemba

The Big Melt

This week we were joined by Pemba Dorje Sherpa, holder of the world record for the fastest climb of Mount Everest (8hr 10min!!!) and Prakash Sharma from Pro Public Nepal. They are in Australia as part of the Big Melt tour hosted by Friends of the Earth. They will be delievering long needed wake-up call to the politicians who are all off playing their games around the CPRS this week. Checkout the site, to support their call for assitance dealing with the problems of glacial dam bursts.

Camping all the way to Copenhagen: Episode 3 Nuclear Climate Camp Finland

The third degrees Rebecca Pearse spoke with J-Sun from the camp about the goings on in Finland.

Hosted by Nick Hollins and James Hitchcock

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