Apr 22, 2009

Ep. 51. GM Trials, Bouganville Revisited, Canadian Mining Companies and more...

Aired on 2SER 16 April 2009

Controversial GM Trials to go ahead in WA

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Western Australian Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman has signed an exemption order to allow GM canola trials in the state, despite the fact that the proposed trials were blocked in the upper house.Under the current legislation, non-Gm farmers whose crops are contaminated may be forced to pay fees for using patented products. The Australia-wide Network of Concerned Farmers (NCF) fear that they may be forced to take legal action against other farmers as it is individual GM growers who will be liable for damage to conventional farmers. The 3rd Degree’s Libby King reports.

Rio Tinto Back in Bougainville

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Two weeks ago we interviewed Joanne Dateransi, a landowner from Central Bougainville in the Solomon Islands, and Waratah Rosemary Gillespsie, a human rights activist who has visited and written about Bougainville extensively. Earlier this week the 3rd Degree's Tessa Dowdell caught up with Waratah and Joanne at the end of Joanne's speaking tour of Australia to get an update on the situation in Bougainville. It seems that the Panguna Copper mine (a huge open-pit copper mine right next to Joannes village that was forced to a close by indigenous resistance and civil war), could be reopened.

If you want to learn more, there is a book “Running with Rebels” by Waratah Rosemary Gillespie and a short DVD about history of the mine. There is also a small Panguna Landholders Support group. If you’re interested in these, email us at climateradio@gmail.com

Canadian Mining Companies Exposed

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“Path of Destruction: Canadian Mining companies around the world”, written by Asad Ismi and produced by Kristin Schwartz is the first of three episodes, “Damaging Communities and the Environment”, which focuses on the drastic effect Canadian mining companies have had on indigenous peoples in Canada. The documentary features Chief Arthur Pe-tah-te-goose, Kathleen Naponse, Jethro Tulli and Mark Ekepa. This documentary is timely because, as reported by The 3rd degree, in our own backyard there is a strong, local campaign against the Lake Cowal gold mine (central NSW, the heartlands of the Wiradjuri Aboriginal people), operated by Canadian company Barrick Gold.

Presenters: Nick Hollins and Hannah Walters

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