Mar 26, 2009

Ep. 48. Voices from the NT, G20, Earth Hour and 'Switching off the CPRS'

Aired 26 March 2009

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Voices from the NT
A public forum last Sunday night deemed the Northern Territory Intervention as racist, both in the way it suspends the “racial discrimination act” and in the way it is affecting Aboriginal communities. Valerie Napiljaree Martin from Yuendemu (300km from Alice Springs) is traveling around the country to speak against the Intervention. The 3rd Degree's Hannah Walters edited a version of Valerie’s heartfelt speech, offering personal insight into how the Intervention is affecting the lives of Aboriginal peoples and not 'helping the children'.

In April, London will host the 12th G20 summit, where leaders, finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 of the worlds largest economies, as well as officials from the World Bank, WTO and IMF, will meet to discuss trade, the recession and reform in the financial sector. Like summits before it the global justice movement has been mobilizing around the event, including a day of Climate Camp in the city. The 3rd Degrees James Hitchcock caught up with climate campee Jen Hill all the way from London!

This Week's Guest: Jess Miller is our resident media and sustainability expert. This week she joins us to discuss Earth Hour - it's the world's biggest climate media campaign, but does it work? 3 years in, emissions are still rising, and corporations are starting to cash-in. Is this a democratic or effective way to 'Vote Earth'?

Switching off the CPRS
Last week on the show we talked about what the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is and where it might fail us; well this week we talk to people doing something about it. On Friday, more than 30 actions will be happening simultaneously across the country to rally against the CPRS being passed in the senate. Tessa Dowdell spoke to Jenny Curtis from Sydney action group ‘Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle’ about their plans to ‘step-in’ to MP Tanya Pliberseks office. For more information you can see

Presenters: Libby King and Tessa Dowdell

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