Feb 26, 2009

Ep. 44. Climate Camps & Law & more!

Aired on 2SER 26 February 2009

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Climate Camp UK

Climate Camps are taking the world by storm. Starting in the UK a few years ago, these convergence spaces have swept across the globe, opening up spaces for activists and communities to build on ideas, share skills and engage in civil disobedience.

A few weeks ago we caught up with James Goodman, a UTS academic conducting research into Climate Camp Australia 2008. Well, this week we follow on with a partner story from the UK. I caught up with Clare Saunders, Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Southampton, who has been tracking the experiences of 12 unique participants of Climate Camp UK 2008. For more info, check out www.climatecamp.org.uk

This Week's Guest: This week we were joined by 'Scarlet' - a Sydney law student who was part of the legals collective at Climate Camp Australia 2008. We talked about why people might choose to break the law to take action on climate change; how the legals scene has evolved following Climate Camp; increasing police powers; and the future of critical legal activism.

McArthur River Mine
We were too short on time to elaborate on this, but there has been another approval for the expansion of Xstrata's MacArthur River zinc mine in the NT. Traditional Yanyuwa Owners are fighting against the approval, which will involve diverting an entire section of the river to mine it! More info, http://mcarthurriver.wordpress.com/

Presenters: Hannah Walters and Tessa Dowdell

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