Jan 13, 2009

Ep. 35. Christmas Special!

Aired on 2SER 25 December 2008.

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Peats Ridge Festival
As we roll up to a new year in a polluted world, what better way to kick it off than a sustainability festival? We hear how Peats Ridge steps lightly on the local environment. From the Land of Hopeless Utopians to geodesic domes to fertiliser-harvesting toilets - the festival is about people coming together, having fun and imagining a better world.

Christmas Lunch
It's the biggest meal of the year! How can you make it more sustainable? We're advised to stay away from meat, stay in season and rethink what the 'local' Coles means - Plus a few hot ideas for very last minute earth-friendly pressies, and some ideas for true food resolutions!

Mitigation Gap Report
Last week Kevin Rudd announced a 5-15% reduction in Australian emissions by 2020 as part of the release of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper. This is low - but the Mitigation Gap Report, published by the Global Climate Network, states that even the higher targets suggested internationally are also too low. The 'Mitigation Gap' is the disparity between diplomatic targets and the targets science tells us we need. The Third Degree's Nick Hollins speaks to Andrew Pendleton from the Institute for Public Policy in London, and is coordinator of the Global Climate Network.

This Week's Guests: Claudia Santangelo, arts producer of the Peats Ridge Festival; Tim Barker, founder of Regenerate and member of the Figure8 sustainable production collective; and Renata Field from Alfalfa House, a community food co-operative in Enmore.

Presenters: Libby King, Dominic Santangelo and Tessa Dowdell

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