Dec 4, 2008

Ep. 32. Poznan, Olympic Dam, Off-shore CCS + more

Aired on 2ser 4th December
Download: Ep. 32. Poznan, Olympic Dam, Off-shore CCS + more

Poznan Climate Negotiations

This week Climate Change Minister Penny Wong will enter negotiations in Poland without setting any domestic emissions targets. Third Degree's Libby King speaks with Jane Holden, new Executive Director of the Climate Action Network Australia who is in Poland for the talks.

Guest: Nicky Ison, from the Australian Students Environment Network and the Institute for Sustainable Futures, speaks about international climate conferences and Australia's position on feed-in tariffs for renewables.

Olympic Dam Mine
Last week BHP Billiton held their annual meeting in Melbourne. A large number of people gathered to protest the proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam min 500km north of Adelaide. Under the $20b expansion, BHP Billiton will continue to starve the water reserves of the Great Artesian Basin. Third Degree's Anne von Fehrn speaks with Jim Green from Friends of the Earth, Australia.

CCS Bill passes in Senate
Australia will be the first nation to legislate on carbon capture and storage, with a bill passing through the Senate to bury carbon offshore - beneath the ocean floor. Third Degree's Nick Hollins speaks with Phil Freeman, Climate Campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Presenters Libby King and Tessa Dowdell

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