Sep 24, 2008

Ep 21. Climate camp Germany and more

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Ep 21. Climate camp Germany and UK, ethical investments and more

Aired on 2ser 18th Sept 2008
-This week's guest is Renata Field from Friend's of the Earth Sydney. She reports back on the joint Anti-Racist and Climate Camps held last month in Hamburg, Germany.
- The UK has just had their third climate camp at Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent, aiming to highlight how dangerous it is to be building new coal-fired power stations in the middle of the current climate crisis. Steve Milligan was a participant in all three UK Climate Camps. He speaks to the third degree's Libby King.
-A corporate watch report has found that only two out of all so-called 'ethical' investment funds do not invest in uranium mining. The 3rd degree's James Hitchcock called his super fund to ask how his super is being invested. He spoke with David St John - Chief Investment Officer for UniSuper.
-A Survey released last week suggests that delaying action on Climate Change may not be that popular after all. The 3rd Degree’s Andy Small spoke to Jordan Louvier, Executive Director of the Research Centre at UTS, about key findings of the survey, and their political implications.
Presenters: Nick Hollins and Jessica Minshall

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