Aug 27, 2008

Ep 18. International Carbon Trading and more

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Ep 18. International Carbon trading, coal expansion in Gunnedah Basin, Food Crisis and MyPower cycling team.

This week:
-Damien Lawson, climate justice coordinator from Friends of the Earth joined us in the studio to talk about international carbon, why its not going to help us reduce emissions and its effects on developing nations under the kyoto protocol clean energy mechanism. There will be film screening happeing on tuesday on the topic 'The Carbon Connection' (see below for details).
Click here to make a submission to the governments Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Rising Tide Australia have a form letter to help out here. Submissions are due to 10th September.

-Our 'Burning Issue' of the week is the coal exploration and expansion of the Gunnedah plains regions. The China Shenhua Energy group was last week given rights to explore land adjacent to BHPbillitons licesne area in Caroona. Jessica Minshall talked with Tim Duddy from the Caroona Coal Action Group about the expansion and taing direct action.

-A global food crisis is threatening humainity. The cost of staple foods has risen by an estimated 83% over the past three years, and there are many factors contributing to the price surge. These include finaical speculation, the use of grain for bio-fuels, and the ising demand for food combined with eclining agricultural yields. The 3rd Degree's Nick Holins spoke with Julian Cribb, Ajunct Professor of Science Communication at UTS, to get his view on the crisis, and what Australia should be doing about it.

-My power is one of many groups cycling around Australia right now to promote sustainability, They're in the Northern Territory at the moment. The 3rd Degree's Andy Smal caught up with Mareki from the MyPower team after their visit to Mataranka Primary School.

This weeks Hot Events:
Public Forum: Green jobs for a greener Hunter – What are the Prospects?Presented by Lake Macquarie Climate Action and Climate Action NewcastleThursday 28th August, 730pm, St Albans Church, Charlestown.

Film Screening: The Carbon Connection – the story of two communities, one in Brasil and on Scotland, linked by carbon trading. Presented by Friends of the Earth Sydney. Tuesday 2nd September, 630pm, Brown St Community Hall, Newtown Library.

And two fantastic fundraisers to support climate camp arestes: -

FauxBQ – Friends of the Earth Sydney are hosting a FauxBQ, a feast of fake meat!Come along for a protein rush and a beer. Camperdown Park, Newtown, 2-6pm. $5 a plate, if its wet call Holly 0417 682 541

Presenters: Libby King and James Hitchcock

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