Aug 22, 2008

Ep 17. Renewable solutions and more

De-carbonising our Energy Systems
James caught up with Dr Mark Diesendorf from the Institute of Environment Studies, University of NSW and Author of the Book 'Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy' about de-carbonising our electricity system. Diesendorf tells us from now until 2020, energy efficiency measures and solar hot water can reduce our demand by around 50%. This can be coupled with wind and biomass energy. After 2020 Mark suggests solar thermal and pv, as well as geothermal can potentially supply all our energy needs. He also calls for a moratorium on new coal fired power.
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Replacing solar rebates with feed-in tariff
James spoke with Andrea Gaffney from the Clean Energy Council about the effects of the governments means test on the solar industry, and the potential of feed-in tariffs as a replacement for the rebate systems.
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Residents to fight Wollombi Gas Project
Sydney Gas and AGL have been given exploration licenses to test drill for Coal Seam Methane Gas in 12 locations across the Hunter Valley. Since these licenses were issued, Drilling has begun in the Hunter Valley town of Wollombi. Jess spoke with Sean Gough from 'Wollombi Valley against gas extraction'.
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Toxic Pollution in Blue Mountains
Pollution has severely reduced aquatic biodiversity in rivers in the Blue Mountains World Heritage area. New tests have shown the water contains toxic levels of zinc, and the population of some water fauna have been reduced by as much as half. The pollution is believed to be caused by run-off from an abandoned mine. Libby King spoke to Dr. Ian Wright, a researcher at the University of the Western Sydney.
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