Jun 4, 2008

Ep 6. Coal: a miners perspective

Greetings climate freaks!
This week we brought you a recording from a forum held at Sydney Uni, updated you on world environment, introduced the Students of Sustainability conference and had a bit of a chin-wag over the latest climate change news.

Coal, a miners perspective
Peter Kennedy and Graham Brown, two coal miners from the Hunter Valley, talk at a lunch time Forum organised by the Sydney Uni Enviro Collective. They share their views and knowledge on the coal industry, the big companies behind the mines, where the unions are on the issue, climate camp and the future of coal. (40 mins)
Download here

Check out:
Students of Sustainability conference: (from the website) SoS '08 will be held at the University of Newcastle, from the 5th - 9th July, with camping close by. Students, community and Indigenous activists, academics, public intellectuals, environmental educators, social change agents of all stripes and from all over Australia will come and participate in a range of educational, practical and participatory forums and workshops. SoS is about imparting the inspiration, tools, motivation and education required for participants to inspire and educate others when they return to their own communities.

and also

Camp for Climate Action: Also happening in Newcastle, 10th-15th July, 5 days of inspiring workshops and direct action.

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