May 23, 2008

Our shiny new name

Well last week we launched the new name of our show, upgrading from the uninspired 'climate radio'. But why 'The 3rd Degree' you ask...

Why ' The 3rd Degree'?
There is a general consensus amongst peer-reviewed science and world leaders, including the European Union and even Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that we must avoid Dangerous climate change. Dangerous climate change is generally recognised as a 2ºC rise in global temperatures above pre-industrial levels (in fact the most recent research suggests we should be aiming even lower than 2ºC )

However, as is often the case, what politicians say and the policy they actually enact is quite different. The Australian Labour Party's current policy is for a 60% reduction of Australia's annual greenhouse emissions from 2000 levels by 2050. According to Stern, of the UK Stern climate review:
"a target for 2050 of at least 60% emissions reductions [1990 levels]” means“the planet would be left with about 550 ppm of CO2 equivalent by 2050” and this would “leave us roughly a 50/50 chance of being either side of 3ºC above pre-industrial times”.

Our government is giving us the 3rd degree, knowing full well the consequences will be devastating. So join us, by listening in or getting involved and give the third degree straight back to them!

For more info read/download 'Climate Code Red', Chapter 2.5 ' Are we getting the third degree?'

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