Apr 24, 2008

EP.1 23/04/08 Permablitz and more

Our pilot show went well. Pats on the back for all that made it possible!

-Nick talked with us about Greenwash, you can find more info on the corpwatch website.
-We also challenged you to submit your best greenwash culture jams, we will have more information on next weeks show so stay tuned.
- Anne talked with David Spratt from Carbon Equity and Adrian Whitehead from the Zero Emissions Network about their views on the climate movement and emissions reduction targets. You can find the report Climate Code Red here.
- We also talked with Renata Field, Real Food campaigner from Friends of the Earth Sydney, about Permaculture and Permablitz, which is a permacultral community working bee , contact Renata foesydney[at]gmail.com to get involved!

Download our pilot podcast:

Part 1 - Nick on greenwashing
Part 2 - Anne with David Spratt and Adrien Whitehead on where they see the climate movement
Part 3 - Renata from Friends of the Earth Sydney on Permablitz and Food

On next weeks show, tune in for all the goss on why Electricity Privatisation may just sell out our chances of cutting back greenhouse gas emissions.

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